Norman Lear is once again countering the religious right with the Born Again American movement, a twist on Born Again Christian, with a followup to a song written by Keith Carradine.

Lear wrote on the Huffington Post last week, “I would fight another war, if they let me, to defend that Born Again Christian’s constitutional right to express that point of view. But I believe that the view itself hasn’t an ounce of constitutional credibility, and I am correct in thinking it totally un-American. Each People+American+Way+Foundation+Celebrates+NnTyhQmKdFiltime this has occurred to me, such is the power of good phrasing, I’ve thought of myself as having a Born Again American moment.”

The followup video, created by Mark Johnson, is below. Carradine penned the song several years ago.

Lear, by the way, was honored on his 90th birthday last month at a Kennedy Center benefit for People for the American Way, the progressive org he founded in the early 1980s. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was among the speakers — her speech here — and the event also featured Jane Lynch and Kathleen Turner.

Brian Ach/Getty Images photo: Lear, Pelosi, PFAW’s Michael Keegan and Lynch at June 21 event.