Politico reports that the National Geographic Channel is rejecting ads during its showing of “SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama bin Laden.”

“We have made sure that there is no political party advertising during
the movie from either side during this period prior to the election,”
said National Geographic Channels CEO David Lyle. “We refuse to take
political advertising for the movie. I didn’t want political advertising
popping-up and politicizing what in fact is a tribute to the security
forces of this country.”

The movie, which was acquired by Harvey Weinstein, a major bundler for the Obama campaign, has been criticized by conservative media watchdogs as being an advertisement for the president’s reelection, as it highlights one of his administration’s major accomplishments and is being shown just two days before voters go to thep olls. Obama is featured in the movie, via archive clips, but Weinstein and National Geographic deny that there is a political agenda.