Mitt Romney appeared at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Saturday where supporters made a point of showing that, despite a rough week for the campaign and even criticism from some fellow Republicans, his campaign was still on track.

About 1,500 donors attended the event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, with about $6 million raised, per the Los Angeles Times.
Dennis Miller and producer David Foster spoke to the crowd.

The Times’ Seema Mehta wrote that portions of the evening were open to some press coverage, including a remark that Romney gave about the leftward tilt of Los Angeles’ Westside. In fact, he said that he had had lunch with a very famous liberal actor.

“I know in some of the communities around this particular hotel it’s hard to let people know you’re conservative without them looking at you funny,” Romney said, per the Times. He said that his lunch was with “a very famous actor — very famous. Very liberal. I won’t tell you his name or he’d shoot me…He pulled me aside, he said, ‘In this town, you really can’t get work unless you’re known as a liberal,’ and he said, ‘But no one knows how I really vote.’ And there are a lot of people that feel that way.”

Tantalizing — let the guessing game begin.