Janine Turner Speaks at Republican Convention

TAMPA, Fla. — Janine Turner, one of the stars of “Northern Exposure,” spoke before the Republican National Convention in a speech that attacked President Obama for “stifling the American dream.”

Turner, now a conservative radio talk host, called herself a “constitutionalist” who saw Obama as out to “destroy” free enterprise.

She told the enthusiastic crowd here, “Patrick Henry said, ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’ Today Obama enables an entitlement society that says, ‘Give me liberty and gimme, gimme!’

“Why? Because Democrats depend on dependence.    
“America was not born with a gimme, gimme mentality, and American liberty cannot survive with a gimme, gimme mentality.    
“America was built with her hands at work, not with her hands out.”

The parade of convention speakers reinforced the message of “We Built It,” an attack on an Obama quote that the Romney campaign has tried to use to press the message that the administration is stifling business growth.
Country singer Lane Turner even wrote a song, “I Built It,” and sang it to the delegates, along with a music mix of patriotic and country tunes as well as the Oak Ridge Boys singing “Amazing Grace.”

Conventions long have resembled infomercials more than events with genuine suspense, and producers have struggled with the lack of spontaneity. This year, delegates held what looked like random, homemade signs, but they didn’t leave too much to chance. They all seemed to bear the same wording, the night’s theme: “We built it.”