Asghar Farhadi, director of Iran’s “A Separation,” gave one of the most eloquent speeches last night at the Oscars, saying that hias movie was “communicating with the people” rather than making a statement about the country’s tensions with the west.

But the pic’s victory in the foreign language film category is being treated by Iranian state-controlled media as a victory over Israel, as that country had an entry called “Footnote.”

“The American judgment bowed before the Iranian culture and Oscar voters showed a different reaction to the Zionist lobby, which is escalating war,” said Javad Shamaqdari, director of the Iran Cinema Organization, per the Tehran Times. Earlier he had dismissed the importance of the Oscars.
Iran’s Fars News Agency actually altered Farhadi’s remarks from the ceremony to make it seem like he was being critical of the west, when the point of his acceptance speech was to distinguish the people of Iran from that of politicians and governments. But according to the New York Times, bloggers spotted the discrepancy and revised its report.
Rather seeing the film as a competition with Iran, Israelis actually have been flocking to theaters to see “A Separation.”