Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin is critical of the GOP platform on gay rights, but the org and Freedom to Marry plan to run an ad in Tampa next week highlighting the support among Republicans for same-sex marriage. The ad features San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who cites support from Dick and Lynne Cheney, Laura Bush, Ted Olson and Cindy McCain.



The gay GOP group GOProud is hosting a party on Tuesday night, called Homocon, with a guest list they say will include a “who’s who” of the conservative movement. with Grover Norquist, Margaret Hoover, S.E. Cupp and Dana Loesch among those on the guest list. Paul E. Singer, a big conservative donor to the same-sex marriage movement, is among those sponsoring the event.

Today the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the org of political and show biz activists pursuing the federal case against Proposition 8, filed a brief with the Supreme Court urging them not to take the case. Supporters of Proposition 8 last month asked the Supreme Court to hear the case, after the Ninth Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision that the ballot initiative is unconstitutional.

AFER’s legal team, led by ted Olson and David Boies, argues that the Ninth Circuit’s reliance on an earlier Supreme Court precedent, a 1996 case that invalidated a Colorado ballot initiative that would have prevented state and local governments from recognizing gays and lesbians as a protected class.

“That holding, which necessarily is bound up with the particular state action effectuated by Proposition 8 and the legal backdrop of substantive rights otherwise accorded to gay men and lesbians under California law, does not—indeed, could not—conflict with any decision of this Court or any decision of a court of appeals or state court of last resort,” their brief stated.

The Supreme Court is expected to decide in late September or early October whether to take the case.

The full brief is here.