The Human Rights Campaign filed a complaint with the FCC on Wednesday over a series of “mass spam texts” that target President Obama, same-sex marriage and other progressive issues.

One of the unsolicited texts, for instance, says, “Obama endorses the legality of same-sex marriage.  Say No to Obama at the polls on Nov 6.” Another: “Obama supports homosexuality and its radical social agenda. Say No to Obama on Nov 6!”

The crux of HRC’s complaint is that ccAdvertising, identified by the Washington Post as the source of the texts, is costing cell phone users money. HRC claims that it is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

ccAdvertising’s COO is Jason Flanary, who ran for the Virginia state senate.

HRC’s letter to the FCC is here.

Meanwhile, polls are tightening in at least two of the states where same-sex marriage on on the ballot, Minnesota and Maryland. In Minnesota, where the latest polls show that a constitutional amendment is running neck and neck, the National Organization for Marriage has poured $1.6 million into the campaign in the past month, according to the StarTribune, even though the pro-same-sex marriage side still has a bigger war chest.

Progressive orgs have created a video of the similarities in an ad warning of same-sex marriage being taught in schoools. The spot has been running in all four states, and features the same Massachuetts couple who objected to having their children exposed to information that same-sex parents are a reality.