The Wall Street Journal reported today that Haim Saban is being courted by Obama supporters to contribute to Priorities USA, the pro-Obama SuperPAC that is looking to match the bonanza of money flowing to the campaign of Mitt Romney from wealthy donors.

Saban has been one of the Democratic party’s most prolific fundraisers. In the last cycle, he was a die hard supporter of Hillary Clinton, so much so that when her campaign for the nomination fell short, he sat out the general election and, from time to time, has made his misgivings about President Obama known.

But Saban gave the maximum of $5,000 to the campaign in December, and was among those who attended a fundraiser last week featuring Michelle Obama. And his press rep released a statement that indicated that he was willing to step up and support a SuperPAC, but she declined to go into specifics.

“We are looking at all the SuperPACs at the moment, will surely participate, but [I] haven’t decided on the details,” Saban said in a statement.