With a deadline approaching for President Obama’s latest raffle, in which Anna Wintour invites supporters to try to win a ticket to a fundraiser at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker, Republicans are using the use of the Vogue editor to slam the campaign on the latest unemployment report. The video unveiled today is called “Meanwhile.”

The Obama campaign is apparently undaunted: They’ve sent out another fundraising pitch this morning, signed by First Lady Michelle Obama, once again inviting supporters to enter the contest and adding a sweetener: The winners get to go to the event at Parker’s home and to “a private concert with Mariah Carey.” Parker appeared in an ad during the MTV Movie Awards inviting supporters to join the contest.

Update: Will it work? Shushannah Walshe and Devin Dwyer of ABC News write that both campaigns are attacking the other for mingling with the celebrity elites, but it may be Beltway insiders and not swing state voters who are paying any attention.