At the CNN debate tonight, the four remaining GOP presidential candidates were asked whether they support the two bills pending in the House and the Senate, and they each said no.

Rick Santorum, who had earlier stopped just short of supporting the bills, said that while something had to be done about online piracy, he agreed that the legislation “goes too far.” He added, “The idea that anything goes on the Internet, where did that come from?…Property rights should be respected.”

Newt Gingrich said, “The idea that we are going to preemptively censor the Internet on behalf of corporations seems like to me the exactly wrong thing to do.”

Mitt Romney said, “The truth is, the law as written is far too intrusive, far too expansive, far to threatening to freedom of speech and movement of information across the Internet.”

Ron Paul, who has citing his opposition to the legislation on the campaign trail, said that the GOP has traditionally “been on the wrong side of the issue.” “Freedom and constitutions bring factions together. I think this is a good example.”

There have been grumblings of Hollywood studio chiefs withholding support from President Obama, but this closes the opposition of switching their dollars to the GOP nominee in protest.