Bob Schieffer objected to Mitt Romney’s use of his image in a campaign spot that ran during Sunday’s “Face the Nation.”

The ad opens with Schieffer saying, “When the President was elected, he talked about hope and change. Whatever happened to hope and change? Now, it seems he is just coming right out of the box with these old-fashioned negative ads.”

On “Face the Nation,” Schieffer said, “I want to start with something that we didn’t know about when this broadcast started. But it is my understanding that just a few minutes ago, the Romney campaign bought time on ‘Face the Nation’ during one of our commercial blocks and in some other markets around the country running a new ad, which includes me.”

Schieffer noted that the spot was done without his permission or that of CBS News.

“It comes as a total surprise to me and and that is that. But that’s where we are in politics.”

Schieffer’s remarks are here.

News organizations have been objecting to campaigns’ use of clips, arguing that it leaves a false impression that they are endorsing a candidate or a position. But campaigns say that such material is “fair use,” although there are not exact standards of when a line is crossed and the use of copyrighted material becomes infringement.