It’s been two decades since Ben Jones served in Congress, but this past week he’s had a comeback of sorts.

Jones, who played Cooter on “Dukes of Hazzard,” has the distinction of having run against Gingrich in 1994 in an effort to return to Congress. Of course, Jones lost in the GOP tidal wave, but he did something that set the stage for the incoming speaker’s fate: He filed ethics charges.

Gingrich “is the most ambitious person I ever met,” Jones told Buzzfeed. “He would probably like to be emperor of the planet if there was such a position.”

Jones is a Democrat, but compared to the GOP party elders who are weighing in on Gingrich, along with the every-hour-on-the=hour stream of Romney campaign press releases trying to stop Newt, what he’s been saying as actually kind of tame.