The Obama campaign’s No. 1 star surrogate, Eva Longoria, will appear with Vice President Joseph Biden at a counter-convention rally on Monday in Tampa — barring a hurricane striking the coast at that time. Longoria also will have a speaking role at the Democatic National Convention the following week in Charlotte.

Google has announced a series of events in Tampa, including a day of programming on Aug. 29 tied to “the Internet economy and free expression online.” Bloomberg is the co-sponsor. The next night Google will host a party at the Tampa Museum of Art to celrbate American innovation, with YG Network as a partner.

And David Bossie and Stephen K. Bannon, the two conservative filmmakers, will debut a new anti-Obama documentary in Tampa, called “The Hope and the Change,” with a preview planned on Fox News on Friday. Bannon is perhaps best known for the Sarah Palin doc “The Undefeated,” released in theaters last year, and Bossie’s “Hillary, the Movie,” and his attempts to show it on pay TV during the 2008 primaries, is eventually led to the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizen’s United decision.