A Gingrich supporting SuperPAC has scooped up the rights to “When Mitt Romney Came to Town,” a documentary short that slams Romney as a Wall Street fat cat who destroyed businesses and jobs via his leadership of Bain Capital.

Even though the video clips so far released play like they could have been made by the Democratic National Committee, or Occupy Wall Street for that matter, the movie actually was made by conservative filmmaker Jason Killian Meath.

Peter Boyer writes on Daily Beast, “A shot of an American flag, waving in the breeze is replaced by gathering storm clouds, as the narrator continues: ‘Wall Street’s corporate raiders made billions of dollars. Their greed was matched only by their willingness to do anything to make millions in profits … nothing spared. Nothing mattered but profits. This film is about one such raider and his firm.

“At that point, a black-and-white photograph of Romney appears on the screen, as the narrator alleges that ‘Romney took foreign seed money from Latin America’ to exploit ‘dozens of American businesses’ and the ‘thousands of employees that worked there.'”