Stephen Colbert’s campaign to get voters to vote for Herman Cain was complicated at his rally by Cain himself — he told voters not to cast a ballot for him and waste their vote.

“America needs to learn how to lighten up,” Cain said. “This event that was conceived by Stephen Colbert and his staff helps bring us to the crisis of the situation we are in. Every vote counts.”

Colbert used the occasion to trumpet the idea that corporations are people — after the Supreme Court ruled that was in a landmark 2010 ruling — and told the crowd, “If corporations are people, then I’m a people person.” He earlier compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr. as a champion of “corporate civil rights.”

It was unclear whether Cain actually endorsed everything that Colbert was skewering — the flood of money into the political process, post Citizen United — but at least the pizza magnate got to sing the theme from “Pokemon.”

If there were any doubts that Cain was in the presidential race at least in part for the show biz value of it all, this should erase those.

That all said — they are a good team.


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