Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain will hold a rally on Friday in Charleston, S.C.

Called “The Rock Me Like a Herman Cain: South Cain-Olina Primary Rally,” this will be Colbert’s efforts to secure votes for Cain. Colbert’s SuperPAC has been advertising for Cain — with Colbert’s image. Colbert is unable to obtain votes in the state because it does not accept write-ins. Even though he dropped out of the race, Cain’s name remains on the ballot, and Colbert is urging support for the pizza mogul.

“Together, these two unique voices will declare that they are the same man. Indeed, if you close your eyes and don’t listen, they are hard to tell apart,” said a press release from Colbert’s campaign.

“Herman is the only former candidate who truly shares my values. It’s like our values were separated at birth. And our ethics are at least first cousins,” Colbert said.

The rally will be held in front of Randolph Hall at the College of Charleston.