Mitt Romney has made no apologies for the video, his campaign’s Libya statement last week, or uneasiness among the conservative establishment over how his campaign has been run. But as he struggles to reclaim momentum, Clint Eastwood doesn’t seem to have any trouble on his press tour for his next movie, “Trouble With the Curve.” He doesn’t make any apologies for his performance at the Republican National Convention, as he says that is just the way he is. And on “The Ellen Show,” hosted by a donor and supporter of President Obama’s, he’s actually a bigger defender of libertarian views than he is Republicans or the Romney campaign. If he was polarizing in the Tampa arena, he’s likable here.

“It was an interesting reaction,” Eastwood said of the fallout from his convention speech. “The Democrats who were watching it thought I was going senile and the Republicans knew I was.”

“I was just actually trying to enjoy myself in a lot of ways.”

Eastwood also talks about his support for same-sex marriage, calling “part of the libertarian idea of leaving everyone alone.”

He told Extra on Monday, I figure if somebody’s dumb enough to ask me to go to a political
convention and say something, they’re gonna have to take what they get.” That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of the smarts of the Romney campaign. Moreover, he told “Good Morning America” that he thought that Obama was “charming,” even though he has not backed away from criticism of the President.

Watch the interview, and you will see he’s genuinely unfazed by all of the reaction, including a “Saturday Night Live” skit, and a perception in the D.C. media that his speech may have marked a turning point in the campaign.