Mitt Romney’s campaign isn’t falling all over itself to promote the Jenna Jameson endorsement, but they are very happy about Clint Eastwood’s appearance at a fundraiser tonight, announcing his support.

According to Politico, Eastwood joined Romney at a fundraiser near Sun Valley, Idaho, and, when asked by the candidate to say a few words, said, “I was doing a picture in early 2000s called Mystic River in his home state. At that time Gov. Romney was running for governor.  I said, God this guy is too handsome to be governor but he does look like he could be president. As the years have gone by I’m beginning to think even more so that.”

“He’s going to restore a decent tax system that we need badly so that there is a fairness and people are not pitted against one another of whose paying taxes and who isn’t.”

“Also we don’t want anybody taking away the Olympic medals, tax wise, from the Olympic athletes. The government is talking about getting a couple of nickles.”

His endorsement is significant because Eastwood didn’t rush to endorse Romney during the primaries. In fact, he said he liked Herman Cain and called himself a fan of Chris Christie. In January, he narrated a Chrysler ad that ran during the Super Bowl halftime that was interpreted as favorable to President Obama, especially with its references to Detroit’s rebound. But Eastwood denied that there was anything political about the spot.

Eastwood gave his endorsement to John McCain in 2008, and attended a fundraiser for him in Los Angeles.