The White House has selected Cheryl Saban, a philanthropist and wife of mogul Haim Saban, to serve as representative to the upcoming session of the U.N. General Assembly.

Cheryl Saban has been one of Los Angeles’ most prominent philanthropists for causes including children’s health, women’s empowerment and welfare. Her husband was once one of the top donors to the Democratic party, and, after strongly supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2008 race, had a cool relationship to the Obama campaign.

But that has changed, as he gave to the re-election campaign late last year, hosted a fundraiser with Bill Clinton to raise money for this year’s convention and has contributed to the pro-Obama SuperPAC Priorities USA, along with two others supporting Democratic candidates. Nevertheless, Democrats are anxious for him and other megadonors to step forward and contribute more to try to overcome a Republican advantage in outside money.

Cheryl Saban founded the nonprofit Women’s Self Worth Foundation in 2009, and serves on the boards of the Saban Research Institute, Girls Inc. and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.