ABC News’ Jonathan Karl writes that as Hollywood has been a virtual ATM for the Obama campaign, and therefore has helped pay for ads attacking Mitt Romney on outsourcing, the industry has been aggressive about shooting movies out of the country.

Karl writes, “Here’s a fresh example: “The Dark Knight Rises,” starring Morgan Freeman (who recently gave Priorities USA, the Obama SuperPAC, $1 million).  There is no more quintessentially American city than Gotham.  But where were half the Gotham scenes shot? In the United Kingdom and China. Going overseas may have meant fewer jobs for American workers, but, presumably some tax breaks and fewer union rules.”

He lists movies made by George Clooney, Harvey Weinstein, Will Smith and others that have shot outside the United States.

There’s another name for outsourcing in Hollywood — runaway production. While Congress has passed tax measures to keep projects in the United States, they are not for the larger budget tentpoles.