At this time during the last presidential cycle, Barack Obama’s campaign was being dogged by John McCain’s “Celebrity” ad, the spot that linked the Democratic nominee’s huge crowds and adulation to the fame given to stars like Paris Hilton.

As the Los Angeles Times points out today, the Obama campaign this cycle is going all out on using celebrities on the trail as surrogates. The same thing happened in 2008, even after the “Celebrity” ad, the difference is that the Obama campaign is much more audacious about tapping its show biz supporters this time around.

In a recent video, Elizabeth Banks talks in very personal terms what Planned Parenthood means to her. In fact, she discusses her use of birth control, a talk that she says that she would only want to have with her doctor and not her employer, illustrating the need for coverage in health insurance plans. This is a new twist on the way that the celebrities are used, as it is much more targeted in conveying a message. The Banks spot, in fact, could have just as well been a PSA for Planned Parenthood, but it is tailored to the campaign.