Sometimes a building is just a building. But APA president Jim Gosnell sees his company’s new 5,700-square-foot annex as a symbol of the agency’s growing competitive edge.

“We’ve had the worst economy for the last three or four years,” Gosnell says. “Other people are downsizing. We thought, what better time to invest in ourselves?”

APA paid $2.4 million for the two-story building, located next door to its 27,000-square-foot Beverly Hills headquarters. The space received a $2.5 million makeover from L.A. architecture firm Area, which also designed APA’s New York office. It opened in September.

“When you walk in, there’s a very open, loft kind of feeling,” says Gosnell. “If you can envision an ad agency in New York, it has that kind of vibe.”

It serves as the home for APA’s three youngest and fastest-growing units: Alternative & International Television, Branded Lifestyle and Entertainment Marketing & Brand Integration.

“We put those three divisions over there together because there’s a lot of interaction between them,” Gosnell explains.

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