Dear handsome critic:

I was watching NBC’s “The Event,” and then it went away, and now it’s coming back with a two-hour episode on March 7. Should I give it another try?


Al Terego

Dear Al:

I wish I had a more definitive answer for you, but it sorta depends. Were you thrilled with the show before? I doubt it. Was it mildly intriguing, but probably not enough to commit to without reading the iPad — or maybe zapping through some of the slower subplots? Then you’ll probably be right back where Event you were.

That’s not to say the plot has stood still. Far from it. In a relatively short span, “The Event” established what that cloistered title really meant — something about aliens landing here, and being held here in a secret location for decades, but actually having infiltrated the human population, and now they want out, and there’s politics within their ranks, just as there is among the humans who know about it.

The two-hour return certainly moves the ball forward, but at this point, I’m not sure you’ll care where said ball finally lands. Moreover, with ABC’s “V” having improved markedly, you might be getting your sexy-alien-invaders itch scratched elsewhere. (Given that they’re actually lizards that probably sounds a bit creepy, but what the hell.)

Here’s the bottom line: With the management regime having changed at NBC, there’s nobody there with a deep vested interest in this show coming back. And do you really want to sink another however many hours in a program that’s going to potentially end without providing you any closure? Hey, been there, done that.

So my advice, Al, is to follow your conscience. And on the plus side, if you do give “The Event” another couple of weeks to prove itself, at least you don’t have to worry about missing any new episodes of “Two and a Half Men.”