OK, first it was Charlie what’s-his-name. Now, Josh Radnor — the star of CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother” — has given a Playboy interview where he talks about his own self-administered quit-drinking program. Or as Playboy puts it, the actor “gets serious about comedy, his fans, and confronting his inner demons.”

Oy vey, another CBS Monday-night sitcom star talking about inner demons? Is there something in the craft-services bottled water over there?

20 Q_Text From the interview:

RADNOR: Every actor has an insecure, damaged part of himself, or he wouldn’t be doing it. I’m trying to heal some of that damaged stuff. Quitting drinking helps cut down on your idiotic decision-making, so that’s been a nice shift.

PLAYBOY: How did you realize you needed to knock off drinking?

RADNOR: I started to get some unambiguous signs from the universe that it was time to get my drinking under control. I didn’t go into a program or anything like that; I just stopped. I’ve had a glass of wine here and there, but I don’t enjoy it anymore. I took a hard look at what it was bringing into my life and what it was keeping me from.

Actually, I suspect it’s the folks at CBS — which just renewed “Mother” for two more seasons — who could unambiguously use a couple of stiff belts right about now.