The Parents Television Council issued a press release today urging NBC to cancel “The Playboy Club.”

This reminds me of a scene in “Conan the Destroyer,” when the comic-relief sidekick waits until the monster is dead, then walks up and triumphantly sticks his knife in it.

Seriously, this is the best the PTC can do? Aiming its fire at a show that’s already on life support because of anemic ratings? Why not go pick on someone your own size, like “Sons of Anarchy?” I’d love to see Kurt Sutter’s response.

Of course, the PTC’s indignation over NBC promoting a “pornographic brand” is completely out of whack anyway, inasmuch as there’s nothing in the show that’s remotely racy, other than the title. It’s also scheduled at 10 p.m., in a time period where virtually no children are apt to see it (and, as it turns out, few adults).

Nevertheless, the PTC campaigned against the series sight unseen, and seems to feel compelled to continue calling out the sponsors until it’s officially gone. The real comedy will come when NBC eventually cancels the show, and the group declares “victory.”

If only more of this fall’s comedies were that funny.