UPDATE: The video from the “KTLA Morning News” has been pulled from YouTube due to “a copyright claim by Tribune.” I believe the direct translation of that is “Our anchors are embarrassed over looking like unprofessional nincompoops.”

Original post:

How many not-so-subtle penis references can you work into one morning news segment? Whatever number you just guessed, whoops, it’s too low!

But it couldn’t get a whole lot lower than this. Sorta makes you understand why former Tribune Co. exec Randy Michaels and his posse indulged in behaving like middle-aged frat boys — although I’m not sure why local morning TV exults in behaving like a format that functions without any adult supervision.

One needn’t be a prude to see this as over the top. And the best part is if you watch the whole clip, the occupants of KTLA’s morning zoo actually talk about not acting like boneheads on air because the clip might wind up posted on YouTube and be immortalized forever.

Whoops again!