Spent a few days recently vacationing on Oahu’s North Shore, determined to unwind before the fall TV crush begins.

Except everywhere I looked, I kept thinking, “Hey, didn’t they film a scene from ‘Lost’ there?”

Granted, multiple years of a series on a relatively small island will exhaust most of the locations. But it LOSTSUPPER was still kind of funny to drive by a convalescent home and think “Mental hospital,” or take an idyllic trek through the Waimea Valley to the beautiful waterfall at the path’s end and have flashbacks to Sawyer and Kate frolicking there.

Admittedly, separating reality from fiction isn’t my strongest suit even in the best of times. We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort, and while I enjoyed the spectacular location and views, I kept looking at the registration desk and wondering why Mila Kunis wasn’t behind it. (See, because she was in … oh, forget it.)

Scanning the brochures at the hotel, I stumbled across one adventure outfit offering eight-hour and five-hour Hummer tours of the “Lost” and other movie locations. Wondering how that’s doing well over a year after the series ended, I emailed Kos Tours and asked if they’re really still running.

“They are still very popular,” tour operator Ed Kos assured me, saying both versions go out six days a week — the shorter one twice. “‘Lost’ fans are fans for life, just like ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ fans.” (Come to think of it, Hurley did have a lot of imaginary friends….)

Of course, “Hawaii Five-0” is now the big episodic TV employer on the island, but the folks at Waimea Valley were more than happy to advertise other programs that have recently filmed there, including ABC’s upcoming “The River.”

Still, if my island getaway reminded me of anything — other than my old accountant, who once told me, “All travel is business” — it’s that when you’re a TV critic, it really is hard to get completely lost.