THe Hub — the Discovery-Hasbro joint venture for kids — introduced an unscripted show last week, “Majors & Minors,” that’s most notable for what it’s not.

A singing/music series featuring 12 performers age 11 to 16, the show notes at the outset that there’s no competition, no voting kids off. Yes, one of them will be rewarded with an RCA recording deal, but the rest hang around for the duration, having their skills honed while dealing with artists like Jennifer Hudson, will.i.am, Adam Lambert and Avril Lavigne.

What’s significant about that? Only that youth-oriented networks (Cartoon comes to mind) have made the plunge into reality. But because kids are accustomed to watching “American Idol” and “Survivor” along with their parents, it’s seldom of the kinder-gentler variety.

So while it’s nice that “Majors & Minors” doesn’t send kids crying into the night, my guess is it’s going to be a bore for most of them.

Sadly, reality TV is a dog-eat-dog world. And that even applies to the puppies.

“Majors & Minors” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. The exec producers are Evan Bogart, Gary A. Randall and Timothy Bogart, and the series is produced by Boardwalk Entertainment Group in association with RCA Records and BMI.