Howard Stern doesn’t need the money, certainly, but reports that he’s talking to NBC about filling the judge slot Piers Morgan is vacating on “America’s Got Talent” would make lots of sense for both sides.

HowardSternAlthough Stern has helped bring listeners to Sirius Satellite Radio, leaving terrestrial radio substantially reduced his audience — and made him less a part of the daily conversation. Even so, he boasts a core of fans who will follow him pretty much anywhere.

Still, Stern had a lot more listeners who weren’t willing to pay up just to have access to his daily mutterings, and a regular TV gig will bring him back into contact with them. As an old-fashioned broadcaster in some ways, Stern is the kind of guy who wants — maybe even needs — to be heard.

NBC has some serious needs, too, and the controversy that follows Stern pretty much everywhere he goes will inevitably boost interest for “Talent” among an audience that probably isn’t already watching the summer series — as it stands one of the few bright spots, ratings-wise, to which the network can point. At the very least, the Parents Television Council will almost certainly help NBC promote the show by condemning the network for aligning itself with one of the media’s foremost purveyors of smut.

Like I said, win-win. Or if you prefer, Baba-Booey.