Anybody surprised by Ricky Gervais’ take-no-prisoners turn as host of the Golden Globes clearly didn’t bother to watch his recent HBO special.

Ricky_ooe2_4 Although I was disappointed by the special — especially compared to his first, much funnier stand-up effort for the pay channel — Gervais was completely upfront about his view regarding no sacred cows in comedy, saying there’s “nothing you shouldn’t joke about.”

One can argue that it’s all about tone, and that an awards show audience filled with well-dressed actors looking to celebrate isn’t the place to bitch-slap them so publicly. There is a difference in knowing when to use a velvet glove, and when to use a Bowie knife.

Still, if any awards seemed well-suited to having some air let out of them, it’s the Globes.

That said, Gervais committed the unforgivable sin of skewering the Globes’ own dubious history and suggested that some nominations were extended just to improve the show’s Q scores, so don’t look for him to be back in 2012.

As for suggestions about a new host, after his multi-bleeped acceptance speech on Sunday night, here’s one vote for Paul Giamatti.