Much as I love Ricky Gervais, the promo I saw a little while ago for the Golden Globes on NBC — airing on Comedy Central — struck me as odd.

“I’m hosting the Golden Globes — again,” Gervais begins. “I know what you’re thinking: Why should we sit through three hours of over-privileged, needy celebrities being handed awards all night? Who cares, right? Well….” Long pause. “Good point.”

For starters, that’s pretty close to being true. But more important, who watching “The Colbert Report” is really going to sit down for the Globes? (Well, yes, me, but that’s different.) Wouldn’t the money be better spent somewhere else, like on NBC cable networks such as Bravo or USA, or perhaps Lifetime? What incremental amount of young men watching could they possibly expect, even with Gervais as a draw?

It’s a small matter, I know, but these things irritate me.

“I’ll be there, insulting them, throughout,” Gervais says at the end. “Trying to make ’em cry. That’s good to watch.”

At least the promo was.