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Although I originally liked “Lights Out” — FX’s series about a former heavyweight champion whose strained finances force him to risk coming out of retirement — the news that the network won’t renew the show hardly amounts to a tragedy.

Indeed, unlike a lot of programs — where cancellation denies audiences closure — “Lights” ends in a place that left me feeling satisfied. Yes, there could have been more episodes, but it’s not like viewers are going to be left completely in mid-air. (I won’t say any more to avoid spoilers, with the two remaining hours scheduled to air March 29 and April 5.)

As with “Terriers,” FX took the initiative and announced that it wouldn’t renew the program, continuing to exhibit a different relationship with viewers than the broadcast networks, which generally follow a “Hey, didn’t work, next” approach with whacking series, often pulling them in mid-run. (By contrast, all the episodes of “Lights Out” will air.)

Obviously, FX harbored higher hopes for the show ratings-wise, as evidenced by the fact that the network went so far as to send out all the episodes to critics before its premiere. But these things happen — and in TV, like boxing, every time you step into the ring, you risk being carried out flat on your back.