Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman Given that Lynda Carter helped carbonate my hormones as a young lad, I really should be more loyal, but … um, wow, OK, Lynda who?

Actually, though, NBC’s “Wonder Woman” pilot — which is being produced by David E. Kelley — should be intriguing for more than just, you know, the bullets and bracelets thing. Trying to wed Kelley’s sensibilities with a rather stiff comic book premise — I’ve always thought Wonder Woman was the least interesting of the major DC heroes — is clever, sort of like enlisting Kenneth Branagh to take a whack at the theatrical version of “Thor.” (That looks pretty damn good, by the way, based on the trailers I’ve seen.)

On a more serious note, I suspect Warner Bros. is releasing this to generate fanboy buzz and boost the show’s chances of getting picked up, though as we’ve all seen in the past, it’s very easy to generate false positives (“Watchmen,” anyone?) based on reaction in those circles.

Anyway, have I babbled enough to provide a block of text in order to justify running the photo? And like that Woody Allen gag at the end of “What’s Up, Tiger Lilly?,” if you’re actually reading this, you should have your head examined — or your eyes checked.