Well, I survived Emmy night, which is more than I can say for Charlie Sheen’s future as a pitchman for Red Bull.

A few more Emmy notes and afterthoughts:

* According to TiVo, “Two and a Half Men” accounted for the two of the three most “TiVo’ed” (as in watched and played back) moments:

  1. Charlie Sheen presenting the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and his “good luck” to the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men (8:44 p.m. EDT).
  2. Ashton Kutcher sitting in the bosses chair on the set of “The Office” because he thought that was the show he was taking over as the lead (8:56 p.m. EDT).
  3. Peter Dinklage’s (“Game of Thrones”) acceptance speech for winning Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (9:45 p.m. EDT).

Dinklage, by the way, was to me the closest thing to a lock going in — I’d have demanded an investigation if he hadn’t won — but frankly, I thought Kelly Macdonald was pretty much a sure thing for “Boardwalk Empire,” and the academy surprised me by going with Margo Martindale for “Justified.” A very worthy choice, too, though Macdonald (already a Golden Globe winner, no surprise given her Scottish lineage) couldn’t be more deserving.

* Martindale actually gave a shout out from the stage to a television critic — USA Today’s Robert Bianco. Let’s hope this becomes a trend.

* I’ve said this before, but the HBO party is like Rick’s Cafe in “Casablanca:” Sooner or later, everybody goes there. The funniest part is that once again I saw oodles of Showtime talent mingling at the HBO bash, which is sort of like USC football players being invited to a UCLA alumni mixer.

This is either gracious benevolence, or the best Jedi mind trick ever.