Dear “Grey’s Anatomy:”

First, I want to thank you for all the good times we’ve had, which is why I felt compelled to be open and honest about breaking up with you.

GreyskissUntil now, I’ve watched pretty much every episode. In fact, that might be the longest asssociation anyone has ever had with the show without sleeping with most of the characters. But let’s not digress.

It’s just that with so much other good stuff to watch right now, you’ve become one of those electives I can’t really afford to keep on my schedule. The episodes have been piling up on the DVR, and I don’t find myself looking forward to watching them. I tried zapping through them — cutting out boring-looking subplots — but that’s even less satisfying than skipping them entirely.

On Thursday I tried another approach — seeing if I could dive back in without catching up on the previous couple of episodes — and while there were some nice moments, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe you’ve exhausted all your narrative tricks, or hey, maybe it’s just me. For the record, I am still watching “Desperate Housewives,” and with that show ending this season, will be able to say I saw every single one.

When it’s time for “Grey’s” to go a similar route, perhaps I’ll try to come back for the finish — although God knows who’ll be left from the original cast and what romantic combinations will have transpired, by then.

I guess the good thing about a workplace series is that it can go on forever, but sorry, I can’t. So for now, we’ll have to make do seeing other people.

I hope you understand.

Your pal (who you never slept with),

Brian a.k.a. McCranky