“The Sopranos” is over, but Steve Schirripa can’t escape the old neighborhood. So the former co-star pops up talking about mobsters — or rather, heavily recreated stories about them — in “Nothing Personal,” a new series about hit men and murder-for-hire plots premiering March 9 on Investigation Discovery.

Schirripa Actually, you have to hand it to ID: They know more ways to spin and mutilate bodies — and spin the mutilation of bodies — than Tony and all his assorted henchmen. Plus, they manage to freshen up the formula with shrewd stunt-like touches, like having Schirripa (who played Bobby on the show) talk almost in his old character about these made guys and how the first victim, Larry “Champagne” Carrozza, was bein’ punched a one-way ticket, heh heh heh.

So filled with recreations it’s essentially a silent (and cheap) made-for-TV movie, the real find here is former Columbo crime family hit man “Big Sal” Miciotta — now “in hiding,” we’re told — who recounts in impassive detail all his bloody exploits on behalf of the mob. (The guy playing Big Sal looks nothing like him, but hey, w’ere on a budget here, so fuggedaboutit.)

Three of the six episodes (including the first two) involve killings committed in the 1980s, giving the whole enterprise a certain “Scarface” quality. Mostly, for a niche channel like ID it’s hard to go wrong with tawdry mob tales — especially when you can point to a “Sopranos” connection.

As for Schirripa, hey, a job’s a job, right? Just leave the gun behind, and take the cannoli. And if this is less than a ringing endorsement, hey, nothing personal.