Silverdraft has launched a digital vfx and previs studio in a truck. Dubbed MobileViz, the 53-foot semi brings production, vfx and post tools directly to filming locations and studio sets.

The unit’s supercomputer innards are intended specifically for 3D and vfx-intensive productions requiring significant rendering resources. Software and hardware within the high-capacity Mobileviz include Autodesk MotionBuilder, Maya and 3DS Max; Mental Images’ Mental Ray renderer; Chaos Group’s Vray; Qube! render management from PipelineFX; Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid editing; plus on-set dailies and color management capabilities.

Via the truck, filmmakers can view and manipulate results immediately. The unit can be used for both 2D and 3D image capture for all resolutions of digital motion pictures, in-camera pre-vis and real-time, high-res visualization of VFX shots – in addition to performance- and motion-capture recording.

The first of several anticipated units is parked in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. All are designed to be driven to wherever shooting is taking place. They can also be used when brick-and-mortar facilities are at peak load and need extra computer resources on vfx and CGI-laden projects.

* * *

Australia’s largest film studio, Fox Studios Australia, announced plans to purchase Panalux’s entire Australian lighting equipment inventory. Panalux is Panvision’s lighting division based in New South Wales and Queensland.

With the purchase, Fox Studios Australia becomes a one-stop-shop film studio, closely resembling Fox’s U.S. studio model. “Purchasing and thus keeping the lighting equipment that has serviced our industry so well over the last 12 years on Australian shores was the primary driver behind our decision,” said Fox Studios Australia CEO Nancy Romano. “By adding the lighting equipment operation to our studio, it will be easier and more convenient for local and international productions to source lighting equipment while shooting on the Fox lot in Sydney, or in any other location in Australia and New Zealand.”

Panavision’s focus will now be on camera and crane rentals.