‘World’s Worst Mom’ goes globe-trotting

Discovery Intl. to roll out new show starting this month

Helicopter parents are on notice from a new Discovery Intl. series produced by Canadian reality shingle Cineflix: “World’s Worst Mom” will play on nonfiction nets including TLC’s international channels around the globe starting this month.

The 13-episode series follows former syndicated columnist Lenore Skanazy, a mother of two who made headlines in 2008 for a New York Sun column that walked readers through her decision to let her 9-year-old ride the Gotham subway home by himself.

On the show, Skenazy will perform interventions on moms and dads whose helicopter parenting has reached unusual extremes, such as forbidding their teenagers from going to public restrooms alone.

“World’s Worst Mom” is set to roll out in Romania on Dec. 4 on TLC Intl. and in Canada on SliceTM under the title “Bubble Wrap Kids.” Domestic rights are still up in the air.

Series is produced by Cineflix in association with Shaw Media, Canal Vie and TLC Intl., with Cineflix topper Simon Lloyd exec producing. Jon Sechrist produces for TLC Intl.