Time Warner Cable has launched a website to sway public opinion regarding its free iPad app that has irked the majors by offering live feeds of select TV channels.

The cable operator is making its case via iwantmytwcabletvapp.com, which went live Monday afternoon. The app has spurred threats of legal action from several studios.

The site aims to emphasize its role as a protector of “freedom” for its subscribers’ content choices. “We’ve received lots of support for our new app from programmers and consumers, but now, some TV networks want to take the free app away. Why? They’re worried about their bottom lines.”Launching websites to explain a particular position is a time-honored tactic of cable operators who want to get consumers on their side. Ratcheting up the rhetoric is often employed during nasty retransmission-consent negotiations that end up with TV channels being yanked off air.

TWC estimates the app has been downloaded 300,000 times.