Syfy ready to take ‘Communion’

Cabler in development on alien project

Syfy is in development on the otherworldly drama “The Communion Letters” from writers Jonathan Gruber and Dave Matalon.

Project, to be produced by Universal Cable Prods., is inspired by the book edited by Whitley Strieber and Anne Strieber. Tome examines claims by those who believe they have been abducted by or have had encounters with aliens.

Whitley Strieber contends that in 1985 he was abducted by non-humans from a cabin in upstate New York and described his account in the book “Communion.” Other books written by Strieber include horror novels “The Wolfen” and “The Hunger.”

Vincent Newman will exec produce with Gruber and Matalon. Gruber was the co-creator of the former ABC Family series “Kyle XY.”

Gruber and Matalon are repped by Josh Adler and Mike Goldberg of New Wave Entertainment and the Kaplan-Stahler Agency. The Striebers are repped by Paul Canterna of Seven Summits Management and APA.