Showbuzz Mitch Metcalf, who recently ankled NBC as its head of scheduling, has launched website Showbuzz Daily with partner Mitch Salem.

The site offers box office analysis and film reviews. Metcalf has been tracking film releases as a side project since 1994.

“ShowbuzzDaily is a website written by insiders, for insiders … and everyone who wants to follow movies and the business like an insider,” said Metcalf.

Added Salem, who has been a senior business affairs executive and attorney for several TV companies: “The site began as a box office and movie review service for select industry professionals, and the response we got was so strong, we realized there was broad appeal in combining sharp commentary on movie quality with a real-world business context.”

Metcalf added that the site won’t affect his future career decisions.

“This has always been a hobby and the site will continue as such when I return to work,” he said.