‘Shore’ thing for Brits

MTV sets "Jersey" spinoff among Geordies in Newcastle

A more perfect setting for the first overseas version of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” would be hard to find than Newcastle, a blue-collar town in England’s northeast famous for its hard partying population and buzzing nightlife.

And as the locals are known as Geordies, the British adaptation of “Jersey Shore” — due to bow on MTV Networks U.K. and Ireland this spring — will become … wait for it! … “Geordie Shore.”

” ‘Jersey Shore’ is set in the summer, and it is always summer in Newcastle,” says Kerry Taylor, director of television for MTV Networks U.K. and Ireland, with tongue firmly in cheek. “No one wears a coat, and the Geordie girls are always out in their miniskirts.”

Long before hedonism became an essential part of growing up, Geordies were famous for their boisterous behavior and hard-drinking ways.

The local brew, Newcastle Brown Ale, is not for the sedate tippler.

“We’ve already found some perfect characters to bring ‘Geordie Shore’ to life and can’t wait to get filming on what we believe will become the next big, must-watch, reality show,” says Fiona O’Sullivan, head of factual at Lime Pictures and executive producer of the spinoff.

Indeed, if MTV and Lime can’t find eight larger-than-life characters in Newcastle, they won’t find them anywhere.

Will there be more overseas versions of “Jersey Shore”? MTV says more local takes on the show are “possible.”

Maybe “Benidorm Shore,” “Mykonos Shore” or even “Lanzarote Shore” are on the MTV wish list.