‘Shoah’ to be shown in Iran

Pars TV to air Holocaust docu with Persian subtitles

In a bid to encourage understanding between Jews and Muslims, helmer Claude Lanzmann’s epic 1985 Holocaust documentary “Shoah” will be broadcast across the Muslim world, beginning today with Iran.

Subtitled in Farsi, the nine-hour film will be beamed into the country by California-based satellite station Pars TV. “Shoah” will also be subtitled in Arabic and Turkish and rolled out across the region this year.

Versions of the film have been prepared by Project Aladdin, a Paris-based independent, international non-governmental foundation that aims to promote greater mutual knowledge among peoples of different cultures and religions.

“Shoah” focuses on interviews with Holocaust survivors, bystanders and perpetrators.

“Its broadcast by several Arabic, Persian and Turkish-language television stations will allow wider audiences to be acquainted with the history of the Holocaust in their own languages,” the foundation said.

Today’s launch will include a discussion meeting at the Paris headquarters of United Nations’ cultural body UNESCO, one of the project’s sponsors, along with the French culture ministry. Lanzmann and French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand are also expected to attend.

DVD box sets containing the subtitled versions of “Shoah” are also being prepared.