Peabody’s prize and joy

Recipients included Patrick Stewart, Ray Romano

Gotham’s quietest awards ceremony, the Peabodies, had their 70th birthday in Gotham on Monday, with recipients ranging from Patrick Stewart to Ray Romano talking about the prize’s cachet as Larry King emceed.

Show was held in the grand ballroom of the labyrinthine Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where reporters, network talent and execs toasted the program’s honorees.

Romano, at the podium to accept the prize for TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age,” said, “The first thing I did when I found out we won a Peabody Award was Google ‘Peabody Award.’ ?”

Kidding aside, Romano professed to be humbled that the Peabody board “(has) the guts to destroy the reputation of this award by giving one to me.”

Robert and Michelle King thanked Arnold Schwarzenegger for his contribution to their scripts for the next season of “The Good Wife.”

On a more serious note, “American Masters” exec producer Susan Lacy said, “There is no award that means as much” as she accepted the kudo for PBS doc “LennonNYC.”

Public broadcasting and radio were well-repped at the ceremony, and many of the honorees, including Patrick Stewart, put out the call to continue supporting reporting from nonprofit orgs.

Guests at the show included Temple Grandin (portrayed in the HBO movie named for her by Claire Danes), who called the movie’s portrayal of autism “very accurate.”