Paris Hilton is a woman of such infinite complexity that the world needs a third reality show to continue the exploration of her life.

Whereas Fox’s “The Simple Life” (2005) scratched the surface, MTV’s “My New BFF” (2008) managed to drill only so much deeper. Now that another three years has gone by, it is Oxygen’s turn and its new series “The World According to Paris” will plumb depths the heiress has no doubt added since her last show.

Variety critic Brian Lowry may not be a big fan of “Paris,” perhaps because he too has gotten the sneaking suspicion that the “reality” on display is less a glimpse at her actual “life” but more a collection of scenes selected to offer a self-portrait not of who Hilton is, but who she’d like you to think she is. Or perhaps it just so happens that everything depicted on the show just so happens to convey the kind of values a tarnished tabloid princess in need of image rehabilitation would choose to convey.


Manufactured reality, you say? How naive can i be? 


Maybe the title “The World According to Paris” is meant to be taken quite literally because it seems a self-conscious act of projection coming from Hilton rather than a reflection of a life she’s not playacting cohreographicing.


It just so happens that the life that unfolds seems to correspond an awful lot like what a tarnished tabloid princess would want to convey if she were in need of image rehabilitation. But that of course is coincidence.

But “Paris” makes E!’s “The Kardashians” look like the work of the Maysles brothers.