Nomination reaction: Walton Goggins

Boyd Crowder, 'Justified'

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Walton Goggins believes the reason “Justified” has been so widely praised is because the Kentucky setting is a learning experience for all who watch.

“It’s a window into a world that most of us aren’t familiar with,” he explained. “We all have our ideas of what rural America is like and this is an opportunity to educate America. It’s no different than me, who’s from Georgia, wanting to watch ‘Mean Streets’ or some urban show.”

The actor was equally excited to hear his co-stars also received noms: Timothy Olyphant, Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies.

As for Olyphant’s white-hat Raylan Givens, who often spars with Goggins’ more villainous Boyd Crowder, the actor is fully aware the pair often make for an engaging on-screen showdown.

“I have such great respect for Tim and his talent,” Goggins explained. “When I see Tim on the call sheet, I know my job is going to be really easy that day.”