OVERHEARD 3:48 p.m.: Somebody just yelled “Victory” to Kevin Dillon, who raised his fist in agreement.

OVERHEARD 3:55 p.m.: Disney/ABC’s Anne Sweeney says she’s rooting for a four-way tie in the supporting comedy actor category for the “Modern Family” fellows.

OBSERVED 4:05 p.m.: Michael Kenneth Williams (“Boardwalk Empire”) cuts quite a figure on the carpet.

QUOTED 4:28 p.m.: Jon Cryer hopes to see Charlie Sheen tonight. They haven’t spoken. “I would say what anyone would say to a friend who went batshit crazy.”

OBSERVED 4:29 p.m.: Alan Cumming looks great in red flower print silky pants.

OBSERVED 4:33 p.m.: Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are a reporter’s dream — total hams.

OBSERVED 5:03 p.m.: Feeling this opening is paling in comparison to last year’s inspired “Born to Run” with Fallon. Just doesn’t have that snap.

OBSERVED 5:10 p.m.: Very generous standing ovation for that opening number. Actually had me wondering if the Falcons-Eagles game has kicked off yet.

OBSERVED 5:17 p.m.: Question for “Modern Family” is less who will win and more who won’t before this show’s run is over. Lily will probably score an Emmy in 2016.

OBSERVED 5:22 p.m.: Matt LeBlanc wasn’t in his seat for the first part of the show. Working his way down the aisle now.

OBSERVED 5:47 p.m.: Wow, if that wasn’t planned, kudos to Amy Poehler for leaping onto the stage before the winner was announced for lead comedy actress.

OBSERVED 5:49 p.m.: Never mind. Totally planned. Kudos to the producers. Brilliant.

QUOTED 5:50 p.m.: “It’s my first and best pageant ever.” — Melissa McCarthy

OBSERVED 5:51 p.m.: After Charlie Sheen trashed “Men’s” Chuck Lorre, stars of Lorre’s two other CBS series collect lead Emmys. Sweet revenge.

OBSERVED 5:59 p.m.: What made me cackle out loud during the skit for “The Office”: Ed Helms calling Ashton Kutcher a “beautiful drifter.”

OBSERVED 6:04 p.m.: Looks like CBS has grabbed the early Emmys momentum away from “Modern Family” with three straight wins (Parsons, McCarthy and “Amazing Race”).

OBSERVED 6:08 p.m.: House band at Nokia not bad at all. Rockin’ it pretty good during commercial breaks.

QUOTED 6:13 p.m.: “Modern Family” exec producer Steve Levitan admits he wasn’t thrilled about working with kids, but calls the young ones on the show its “unsung heroes.” Adds Levitan: “They are playing at the same level as the adults.”

OBSERVED 6:25 p.m.: Elisabeth Moss standing up and stretching and looking enchanting during the break. Chatting with co-star Jon Hamm.

OBSERVED 6:26 p.m.: Unlikeliest product plug ever: Jon Stewart gives an Emmys shoutout to Disney-owned kiddie virtual world Club Penguin.

QUOTED 6:30 p.m.: “I will cherish this. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” — Jason Katims, winner for drama series writing for the finale of “Friday Night Lights.”

OBSERVED 7:01 p.m.: Jon Hamm just ran on stage and gave Kyle Chandler a big hug.

OBSERVED 7:12 p.m.: Loving the comic mismatch of the “Entourage” douchebags presenting awards to high-brow movies/miniseries Emmys.

QUOTED 7:14 p.m.: Peter Dinklage admits to avoiding TV for a long time because he thought it was less than. “Television has become something that it never was before.”

QUOTED 7:18 p.m.: Martin Scorsese adds to TV-is-good theme, saying it compares favorably to indie film. “It gives you more license and freedom, really.”

OBSERVED 7:21 p.m.: Wow, HBO is losing ground in the movie/minsiseries categories it typically dominates at the Emmys.

OBSERVED 7:40 p.m.: Four Oscar winners with Emmys tonight: Martin Scorsese, Kate Winslet, Maggie Smith, Julian Fellowes.

OBSERVED 7:50 p.m.: Bunch of attendees leaving Nokia. To either head to Governors Ball or beat traffic. It’s L.A., baby!

QUOTED 8:22 p.m.: “I come from a long line of actors mostly out of work. Been extremely blessed that this has been my only job.” — Kate Winslet