The NFL is launching an intensive tutorial to introduce past and present players to the ins and outs of filmmaking, with John Singleton, Robert Townsend & Keenen Ivory Wayans among the instructors.

NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp will take place April 2-5 at Universal Studios, under the direction of New York-based film production shingle NFL Player Engagement and Film Life. Twenty players are scheduled to engage in a wide range of movie-industry topics.

“The NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp builds upon the successes of our prior programs in educating and providing hands-on experience to players in a wide variety of disciplines,” said NFL player engagement veep Troy Vincent. “Not only do players have a unique opportunity to learn from the best, but programs like the NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp expose them to the exciting professional possibilities that lie ahead.”

Foremost in the program will be a comprehensive overview of creative disciplines in the film industry including screenwriting, directing, producing and film financing, with sessions led by industry execs and filmmakers including Singleton, Townsend and Wayans. Participants will have the chance to shoot and edit short films.

Other upcoming NFL Player Engagement projects include the Business of Music Boot Camp, which launches in February at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York U. In addition, more than a third of the 106 players who have taken part in the five NFL Broadcast Boot Camps have earned broadcasting jobs.