Now here’s one to get excited about. “Awake,” from “Lone Star” creator Kyle Killen, won’t arrive on NBC until midseason, but it looks even more promising — as well as more audience-accessible — than the critically praised Fox pilot that was rejected by viewers and canceled after two weeks.

As with “Lone Star,” “Awake” features a man living a double life, though in the case of Michael Britten (Jason Issacs), the double life involves an alternate reality that switches over each time Michael goes to sleep.  David Slade’s direction of Killen’s thoughtful words looks to be absolutely superlative. 

Laura Allen (“Terriers”), Dylan Minnette, Michaela McManus, Steve Harris, Wilder Valderrama, BD Wong and Cherry Jones co-star in “Awake,” exec produced by Killen, Slade and Howard Gordon for Twentieth TV.