NBC rug
After debating for days on whether to hold an executive session at the TV Critics Assn. press tour — and who might handle the press conference for the network — NBC has opted to scrap it.

Move is unusual, but NBC is caught in an unusual set of circumstances. Because the Justice Department hasn’t formally approved the NBC Universal-Comcast merger, incoming NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt can’t officially start his new job or even act in any capacity that might be construed as “jumping the gun.”

But at the same time, execs like current NBC Entertainment programming prexy Angela Bromstad would be in the awkward situation of not being able to answer any questions about the future of the network. (In other words, all of the questions.)

Peacock could have still held the session, but the sea of “no comments” would have ultimately been a waste of time for all invovled.

Winter and Summer press tour happen to occur during the two times of year when the networks most often change out their leaders, so it’s not new for fresh-faced execs to stand up on the dais and have to answer questions about a job they just took. (Witness last summer when new ABC Entertainment topper Paul Lee was installed so quickly that he had to cut short a vacation to race back for TCA.)

But regulatory situations like the one NBC currently faces are a bit more complicated — and given the lengthy approval process, no one at the Peacock wants to make a misstep this late in the game.